Some nice feedback

Seems like people enjoyed the unconference format of WhereCamp.EU:

“This sort of system would bring many academics out into a cold sweat as there is no formal way of ensuring quality presentations and sessions. I didn’t attend a single bad session though” - James Cheshire

“The voice of the individual often drowned out by corporate messaging at traditional conferences is prominent at events likes wherecamp EU, and it is a real step forward to see such events taking their place alongside more traditional industry shows now in Europe” – Ed Parsons

“My geobatteries were recharged at the end of the day and it prompted several thoughts about the conventional approach to running a conference” – Steven Feldman

“…really well organised, with great venues and food, and all that at zero cost thanks to very generous sponsors and a great bunch of volunteers!” – Patrick Weber

Thanks for all the great feedback on the tweets and blogs. If you are blogging about WhereCamp.EU, there’s a section at the bottom of the wiki page to list yourself.

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