Wow! That’s a lot of sessions

We had another hugely successful day of geounconferencing yesterday at the Guardian offices, thanks mainly to you and your enthusiastic participation. There was even a surprising amount of enthusiasm for continuing the event in the pub afterwards!

So that makes two action-packed days of spatially-location-based-maptastic sessions:

We hope you found inspirational educational conversational value in the sessions you picked to attend (or the ones you ran!), but what about all the ones you missed? Let’s use the wiki to write up some descriptions of each of the sessions including contact details for the presenters, and links to any slides and other related resources. Dive in there and create the pages (green links are empty pages)   Obviously if you ran the session, this a great way to provide more information. But its a wiki! Feel free to kick off some description even if you weren’t running a session. We can add to it later:

>> WhereCamp.EU wiki <<

Wow that’s a lot of sessions! (took me over an hour just type all the session titles)

In addition to that there will of course be some continuing chatter on twitter (#wherecampeu) and tagged photos on flickr, slides on slideshare, etc  Tag your stuff with ‘wherecampeu’!


  1. [...] because I’d just got off a 24 hour flight from Sydney so I did end up missing a few slots. Harry’s already posted photos of the wall and the talk titles have been copied onto the wiki, now it’s just up to the speakers to add [...]

  2. [...] Let’s first take a look at what a Where Camp is about. It is based on a model made popular by BarCamps, which is at BarCamp 8 here in London. This means that it’s NOT a conference, rather a un-conference which is free to attend and during which anyone can speak or present or run a session or many. The schedule is left blank and on each day of the conference any of the attendees can announce their talk by putting it on The Wall. [...]