Announcing WhereCampUK

After six long months of no WhereCampEU, I have just confirmed that we are back with WhereCampUK for November 19 & 20th in Nottingham.

What is WhereCamp Europe?

WhereCamp Europe is an unconference; it’s open to everyone and you drive the agenda and the sessions. March 2010 saw the first WhereCampEU take place in London, with 180 attendees over two days from diverse backgrounds, including public, commercial and third sectors. It’s what you make it, so come along, listen, contribute and speak. See some of WhereCampEU in action:

Who Will Be There?

WhereCamp Europe is open to everyone; from über hacker to beginner, from geo-hobo to seasoned professional, from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, and from mobile. If you have an interest in geography and how it’s changing the way in which we interact with the world then you should come along.


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