On a quest for sponsors for whereCampEU 2012

whereCampEUOne hundred registrations in less than a week, and the first 50 in just a few hours! And not even that many geofolks from Holland on the list as of yet. That is all very encouraging!!

The local org is now on a quest for sponsors for whereCampEU 2012. What is there to gain from your contribution? Straight from our ‘letter to our sponsors’:

Why Sponsor?
WhereCampEU is now an established event, each event has been attended by over 100 participants with long waiting lists as there is always more demand than spaces. The last year has seen a huge growth in the business of location, with massive uptake of location enabled devices, convergence of GPS, phone, camera and nomadic devices. Location is truly becoming ubiquitous. This is a chance to have your brand associated with the freshest and most innovative geo conference in Europe, and to connect with the grass roots developer community.

We expect to open up registrations as soon as the first sponsors have confirmed. In the meantime, please put yourself on the waiting list, you won’t be there for long.

Interested to contribute to this event as a sponsor (and to be there?) Send us a message!

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