Staying and parking in Amsterdam

… during whereCampEU. Since Queensday is the monday after WhereCampEU, the hotels are quite full and expensive. There are a few options outside Amsterdam if you don’t mind traveling for half an hour. Also you can put your name down here to buddy up with other people.

Parking in Amsterdam
Virtually impossible!! The conference is in the center of Amsterdam, parking is insanely expensive and there is hardly any place. Please use one of the P+R facilities at the edge of town. These are 8euro/24 hour and provide public transport tickets to and from the center for each person in the car.

P+R Zeeburg 
P+R Gaasperplas 
P+R Amsterdam ArenA
P+R Fashion Center

Camping in Amsterdam
There are four campsites in Amsterdam:
* Camping Zeeburg 
* Gaasper Camping
* Camping Vliegenbos
* Camping Amsterdamse Bos (quite far)

Staying outside Amsterdam
Both Amstelveen to the south and Utrecht to the east are about half an hour with public transport (depending where you stay in those places) and have public transport through the entire night. You can use to check the connection between the conference location and the hotels in these places. The conference is in ‘de Brakke Grond’, which is a 15 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. (Steven/Jw).

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