WhereCamp Is Coming Back To Berlin

You can’t keep a good WhereCamp down it seems. Not content with hosting WhereCamp EU in 2011, Berlin is hosting it’s own WhereCamp, appropriately named WhereCamp Berlin.

Those of you who were in Berlin for last year’s WhereCamp EU will know that Berlin is an ideal city for a WhereCamp, offering the perfect combination of scenery, location nerds and some rather fine German beer.

If you’re interested in more details, head on over to the WhereCamp Berlin site, and for those of you who don’t speak that much German (and that includes myself) the event and the website is in English. WhereCamp Berlin kicks off on Friday June 22nd. 2012 at the campus of Beuth University.

So Berlin, have a great WhereCamp and if you’re visiting, don’t forget an Ampelmann souvenir to remind you of your WhereCamp-ing. As they say in Berlin, WhereCamp kommt zurück nach Berlin (WhereCamp is coming back to Berlin).

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