May 12

WhereCamp Is Coming Back To Berlin

You can’t keep a good WhereCamp down it seems. Not content with hosting WhereCamp EU in 2011, Berlin is hosting it’s own WhereCamp, appropriately named WhereCamp Berlin.

Those of you who were in Berlin for last year’s WhereCamp EU will know that Berlin is an ideal city for a WhereCamp, offering the perfect combination of scenery, location nerds and some rather fine German beer.

If you’re interested in more details, head on over to the WhereCamp Berlin site, and for those of you who don’t speak that much German (and that includes myself) the event and the website is in English. WhereCamp Berlin kicks off on Friday June 22nd. 2012 at the campus of Beuth University.

So Berlin, have a great WhereCamp and if you’re visiting, don’t forget an Ampelmann souvenir to remind you of your WhereCamp-ing. As they say in Berlin, WhereCamp kommt zurück nach Berlin (WhereCamp is coming back to Berlin).

Apr 12


There is a new wiki for the wherecamp available, click here


Apr 12

Esri Join Us in Amsterdam

The variety of organisations helping us put on WhereCampEU is getting bigger and bigger. We are very happy to say that Esri, another long time supporter is back again and sponsoring WhereCampEU 2012:

“WhereCampEU is where all of Europe’s community of geo, GIS and location enthusiasts gather in a collaborative environment. Esri are proud to help this event and it’s attendees come together in Amsterdam, and we hope to see, learn, and participate in all the great sessions over the weekend.”

Apr 12

Amsterdam welcomes whereCampers!

We are finalizing the list of sponsors for whereCampEU. A very important one: the city of Amsterdam. Why? There are a great many reasons for that. First of all, Amsterdammers love maps (and so do the Dutch, well many of them). But more importantly, Amsterdam (already dubbed Appsterdam) likes, no adores creativity. We PICNIC in Amsterdam, we TheNextWeb in Amsterdam, and next weekend we are whereCamping in Amsterdam as well!

The city gov sees Amsterdam as the right kind of town for inspiration and creativity. Add a rich tradition in maps and cartography and there you have it:  the city of Amsterdam welcomes you to whereCampEU.

- In a few days we will announced the final list of sponsors. In a week’s time YOU will be in the driver seat at whereCamp.EU

BTW Lots to do in Amsterdam: http://www.iamsterdam.com/ 

Mar 12

Geodan supports WhereCampEU

Geodan is happy to be one of the sponsors of Where Camp EU 2012! Geodan aspires to stay ahead in the world of technological developments around geo-information, anticipating new applications and opportunities along the way. As such, we attach great value to innovation and research. Our research team is constantly identifying and analysing new developments in the field of GIS, geo-informatics, Advanced User Interaction, mobile applications, open source and open standards. To this end, we have partnered with the VU University Amsterdam: in addition to Geodan S&R members of staff, there are research assistants permanently involved in these projects. Find out more about the latest developments of the Geodan Research Lab at http://research.geodan.nl/


Feb 12

2012 Registration is Open

April 28-29, Amsterdam. Spread the word and register now:


Mar 11

Geolocating The WhereCampEU Venue

Or Geolokalisierung der Where-Camp EU Veranstaltungsort as they say in Berlin. We have sponsors. We have confirmed dates … and now we have a venue.

WhereCamp EU 2011 will be held in the campus of the GLS Sprachenzentrum, one of Berlin’s leading language schools. The site is on Kastanienallee in the Prenzlauer Berg district of what was East Berlin, a deeply cosmopolitan neighbourhood with more than a fair share of bars and restaurants.

Easily accessible by U-Bahn (less than 5 minutes walk from Eberswalder Strasse, Senefelder Platz and Bernauer Strasse stations), by tram and with connections to the S-Bahn system at nearby Alexanderplatz and with gracious thanks to our hosts Nokia, promises to be the best WhereCampEU location yet.

Mar 11

Google Return for 2011

Google is happy to return as a sponsor of WhereCamp EU, a great opportunity to bring together the dynamic Geo developer community of Europe in one of Europe’s greatest cities. Google believes in active participation, please fell free to grab a member of our developer relations or engineering teams who will be attending with any questions you may have about the many Google Geo APIs.

Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google London.

To celebrate, we are are also releasing some more free passes:

Feb 11

Location Based Gaming Your Thing?

We are looking for some intrepid volunteers to run some location based games in Berlin. Have a gaming startup? Want to launch a game at WhereCampEU? Get in touch and lets do something special.

Feb 11

Second Round of WhereCampEU Passes

Our second round of passes will be available today at 4.45pm CET.