Feb 11

Incoming Spring Camp

Its dark and its cold, but Spring is just around the corner and so is another WhereCampEU. All I can say, is that we have a city, a venue and some possible dates. Its not London, and its not in the UK, and it should be around May.

Should be confirming venue and dates very soon now, hold on for an announcement next week.

ps anyone commenting on lack of proper attribution for the map can stay at home

Nov 10

WhereCampUK Nottingham Venue & Info

Fri 19th & Sat 20th November 2010 – University of Nottingham

Address: Sir Colin Campbell Building, University of Nottingham Innovation Park,NG7 2TU.

Download a map.

9:30 Registration

10:00 Introduction and WhereCamp kick-off.

10:30 First sessions begin

17:00 Wrap-up and break for dinner.

CC-BY-SA Maps from OpenStreetMap

Nov 10

GeoVation Needs You (at WhereCampUK)

As one of the original sponsors of WhereCampEU, it is a real pleasure to have them back again. GeoVation’s mission is to help people jumpstart their geo infused plans and give them the support they need to make their ideas happen. It does this by running innovation challenges designed to encourage the use of geography in addressing specific needs.

The current challenge, ‘How Can we improve Transport in Britain’, is looking to you to transform how we all get from A-B, and has £150,000 in seed funding to help you do it. The challenge is open to anyone, using any geography, so get your thinking caps on! The cash comes from the Ideas in Transit project which in itself is funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the Department for Transport and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, with all the funds going to support the winning entrants.

In addition, Ordnance Survey is providing a £7,000 prize for the person that makes the most innovative use of OS OpenData, so there is a big incentive to get involved.

The Ideas in Transit project is a collaboration between the University of the West of England, Loughborough University, ITO World and Ordnance Survey. It seeks to apply “bottom-up” innovations to the transport challenges faced by individuals and society, such as congestion and the rising cost of fuel. So its support for the GeoVation Challenge is a perfect fit.

The GeoVation team will be at WhereCampUK to talk more about the challenge and how geography can make a difference to everyone’s lives. Chris Parker, one of the GeoVation organisers says: “Transport is something that has an obvious geographic foundation and I believe that we’re going to see ideas emerge that could improve our public services and could change how we travel. We need the support of WhereCampers and I’m exciting about what they could come up with.”

So if you fancy getting your hands on a slice of £150,000, the place to start is on the GeoVation website. From there all shortlisted entries will be invited to develop their ideas at a GeoVation Camp before going on to pitch head to head for funding at a “Dragons’ Den” style showcase next year. The challenge runs from 28 September–26 November.

Sep 10

Announcing WhereCampUK

After six long months of no WhereCampEU, I have just confirmed that we are back with WhereCampUK for November 19 & 20th in Nottingham.

What is WhereCamp Europe?

WhereCamp Europe is an unconference; it’s open to everyone and you drive the agenda and the sessions. March 2010 saw the first WhereCampEU take place in London, with 180 attendees over two days from diverse backgrounds, including public, commercial and third sectors. It’s what you make it, so come along, listen, contribute and speak. See some of WhereCampEU in action: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1442338@N21/pool/

Who Will Be There?

WhereCamp Europe is open to everyone; from über hacker to beginner, from geo-hobo to seasoned professional, from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, and from mobile. If you have an interest in geography and how it’s changing the way in which we interact with the world then you should come along.


Mar 10

Some nice feedback

Seems like people enjoyed the unconference format of WhereCamp.EU:

“This sort of system would bring many academics out into a cold sweat as there is no formal way of ensuring quality presentations and sessions. I didn’t attend a single bad session though” - James Cheshire

“The voice of the individual often drowned out by corporate messaging at traditional conferences is prominent at events likes wherecamp EU, and it is a real step forward to see such events taking their place alongside more traditional industry shows now in Europe” – Ed Parsons

“My geobatteries were recharged at the end of the day and it prompted several thoughts about the conventional approach to running a conference” – Steven Feldman

“…really well organised, with great venues and food, and all that at zero cost thanks to very generous sponsors and a great bunch of volunteers!” – Patrick Weber

Thanks for all the great feedback on the tweets and blogs. If you are blogging about WhereCamp.EU, there’s a section at the bottom of the wiki page to list yourself.

Mar 10

Wow! That’s a lot of sessions

We had another hugely successful day of geounconferencing yesterday at the Guardian offices, thanks mainly to you and your enthusiastic participation. There was even a surprising amount of enthusiasm for continuing the event in the pub afterwards!

So that makes two action-packed days of spatially-location-based-maptastic sessions:

We hope you found inspirational educational conversational value in the sessions you picked to attend (or the ones you ran!), but what about all the ones you missed? Let’s use the wiki to write up some descriptions of each of the sessions including contact details for the presenters, and links to any slides and other related resources. Dive in there and create the pages (green links are empty pages)   Obviously if you ran the session, this a great way to provide more information. But its a wiki! Feel free to kick off some description even if you weren’t running a session. We can add to it later:

>> WhereCamp.EU wiki <<

Wow that’s a lot of sessions! (took me over an hour just type all the session titles)

In addition to that there will of course be some continuing chatter on twitter (#wherecampeu) and tagged photos on flickr, slides on slideshare, etc  Tag your stuff with ‘wherecampeu’!

Mar 10

Day 2 in progress

Despite the raucous geo-beer session last night….
Enjoying geo-beers Enjoying geo-beers

Day 2 of Where Camp EU is in full swing, hosted by our generous sponsors the Guardian in their plush offices in Kings Cross.

Gathering by the wall

Mar 10

Day 1 sessions complete. Now geo-beers

What a fantastic day! The WallaceSpace venue was just right for an unconference event, and all you geo-people did us proud by presenting, discussing, networking, questioning, debating, and generally participating, just like we knew you would.

So much to digest and report back on! Please tag your photos, videos, etc with ‘wherecampeu’ and tweet with #wherecampeu.

The geo-fun continues tonight with geo-beers at Smithys from 7p.m. (smithyslondon.com, map )

Mar 10

Sponsor Roll Call

A big thanks to all our sponsors who made WhereCampEU happen:

GoeVation OS OpenSpacesOpen Platform - Build Applications with theGuardian

Axon Active - Focusing on your decisionsbingERSI UK - Visionary Thinking

Google MapsHM Government

DBVu - Database Performance Analyticsitonestoria

SVGopen.orgYahoo! Developer Network

Mar 10

Don’t Forget Your Dongle!

WhereCamp EU is almost upon us but before you head out to meet us all at wallacespace on Friday, here’s a handy checklist of things to bring with you.

  • Don’t forget your dongle; wifi connectivity at wallacespace will be limited so we’ll be looking to you all to supplement this with 3G dongles and ask you not to hog the connection by using your wifi enabled smartphone and your laptop at the same time.

3 Mobile Broadband Dongle

  • Don’t forget your laptop; while we’ll be providing projectors and screens you’ll need your own laptop and VGA adaptor when presenting (and you are presenting aren’t you?)
  • Don’t forget your laptop power brick; we’ll be providing power strips for you to plug your laptop in for a recharge but we can’t provide power bricks in all their varying shapes and sizes.
  • Don’t forget to cancel; if you’re not able to come along that is. You can let us know on the EventBrite site for WhereCamp EU.
  • Don’t forget to turn up; WhereCamp EU’s an unconference and it’ll be nothing without you being there.