Mar 10

Mooli’s Indian street flavours for WhereCampEU

A proper Where Campers lunch, Indian street food provided by Soho based start-up Mooli’s.  What a treat.

Feb 10

…and now we have been Binged! Bing Maps sponsoring WhereCampEU

Last week Bing were at TED, this week they are coming to, AND sponsoring WhereCampEU.

cheers Bing!

Did you know that TED is $6,000 a ticket and WhereCampEU is FREE.  Add yourself to the waiting list if you missed out on a FREE ticket http://wherecampeu.eventbrite.com/

Feb 10

Waiting List Open

Missed out on tickets? The waiting list is now open.

Feb 10

WhereCamp? Where Is It?

WhereCamp draws near. The sponsors are sponsoring. People are booking flights, ferries, and various other forms of transportation. Hotels are being booked and floor space to crash on is being promised.

All is well and good. But where is it? Yes, it’s in London but London’s a bit of a big place.

Fear not, the best things come to those who wait for the organisers to sort things out.

On Friday March 12th. 2010 it’s time to head south of London’s Euston Road to Wallacespace in St. Pancras at 22 Dukes Road, London, WC1H 9PN. OpenStreetMap, Yahoo! Maps link. Google Maps link. Bing Maps link.


Then on Saturday March 13th. 2010 we move north of the Euston Road to the Guardian’s offices near Kings Cross at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU. OpenStreetMap, Yahoo! Maps link. Google Maps link. Bing Maps link.

Naturally we’re deeply grateful and happy to be hosted by these fine institutions. Not got your WhereCamp EU tickets yet though? Look out for further pronouncements on this blog on on the official WhereCampEU Twitter feed.