Dec 12

Registration Is Open!

You can now get your hands on tickets for WhereCamp EU 2013 in Rome. Just head on over to EventBrite at http://wherecampeu2013.eventbrite.com/ and sign up. Don’t forget to bring your ticket with you on the day, either printed out from the email you’ll receive from EventBrite or on your mobile phone via the EventBrite mobile app.

Eventbrite - WhereCamp EU 2013

Nov 12

Ciao Roma! WhereCamp EU Is Heading To The Eternal City

The waiting is over. WhereCamp EU is visiting another European city for 2013 and this time we’re going to be in Rome. That’s Roma, Italia by the way, not the station on the Paris Métro and not one of the 16 places in the United States called Rome either.


Here’s the details you need to know …


January 18th and 19th 2013.


Porta Futuro, Via Galvani 108, 00153, Roma

More To Come

Watch this space or follow @wherecampeu on Twitter for more details.

Photo Credits: John Williams on Flickr.

Oct 12

WhereCamp EU 2013 Is Coming

WhereCamp EU will be back and visiting a new European city in 2013. Watch this space or follow @wherecampeu on Twitter for more details.

Where Will WhereCamp EU Be In 2013?

Or, if you’re going to W3G in London this Wednesday, you’ll be the first to know.

Photo Credits: Michael Coghlan on Flickr.

Apr 12

The #whereCampEU stats you have been waiting for

tickets sold, page views, and …sorry about the 3rd one…


Apr 12

There we go: our final list of whereCampEU sponsors!

Although whereCampEU is very much unconferenced, we still need the support of others to pay for the rooms and lunches! So a big thank you to those who are making this whereCampEU possible.

Why do they sponsor? Says Peter Miller from ITO World: “ITO World are thrilled to be sponsoring WhereCampEU again and look forward to many stimulating presentations and conversation over the weekend. See you there!”

From the other blogposts you notice there is a mix of reasons to support us. Now it is all up to whereCampers to make this event a success!

Apr 12

Welcome Webmapper: a proud local whereCamp sponsor!

From the official press release: “Webmapper is very proud to sponsor WhereCampEU 2012 in Amsterdam. As they are headquartered in Haarlem and have online mapping and web cartography at the core of their work, they believe that whereCampEU will be a great occassion to reflect on all the recent developments in these areas and they look forward to discussing new innovations and future directions. Webmapper is a consultancy firm headed by Edward Mac Gillavry and Richard Duivenvoorde. They create web mapping solutions and provide consultancy services in the fields of web cartography and online GIS using Open Source software. “

Way to go, webmappers! See you in Amsterdam!

Apr 12

Why the hack would you come to whereCampEU?

There are many reasons why you would want to contribute (note: not just attend) to the upcoming whereCampEU. Here are just a few:

1. Meetup with other geogeeks
You have to have a minimal level of map madness, if you want to enjoy a whereCamp. You will be able to meetup with other geogeeks, but not in your regular plan, do, act mode. Get ready to present to others, discuss the step in your project or to just code away.

2. No barriers, low on rulez
Be aware, this is an unconference. What you get out of this meetup is mostly up to you. We will be low on rulez (please do behave), in order to max out the result of this camp. That sound as a contradiction, but we strongly believe this will lead to great results (well, sometimes).

It's got to be ... Amsterdam!3. Experience the unexpected
As we don’t have a fixed plan, you may be in for a treat. We hope it’s beyond your wildest expectations! Hacking and mapping with great people all around you! Is there a better place to build great new things?

4. Amsterdam
Just one the reasons to come to whereCampEU is Amsterdam itself. Culture (Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Anne Frank’s house – book your ticket in advance), Nightlife (Redlight district, Leidsplein). Even better: stick around from Monday April 30th and watch Amsterdam turn Orange on Queensday. And just-in-time for this whereCamp, Foursquare provided us with a great list of Amsterdam spots.
Eventbrite - WhereCamp EU 2012

How does all of that sound? The good news: you can still register for this unconference. See you there!

with a big thank you to OpenStreetMap!

Apr 12

Staying and parking in Amsterdam

… during whereCampEU. Since Queensday is the monday after WhereCampEU, the hotels are quite full and expensive. There are a few options outside Amsterdam if you don’t mind traveling for half an hour. Also you can put your name down here to buddy up with other people.

Parking in Amsterdam
Virtually impossible!! The conference is in the center of Amsterdam, parking is insanely expensive and there is hardly any place. Please use one of the P+R facilities at the edge of town. These are 8euro/24 hour and provide public transport tickets to and from the center for each person in the car.

P+R Zeeburg 
P+R Gaasperplas 
P+R Amsterdam ArenA
P+R Fashion Center

Camping in Amsterdam
There are four campsites in Amsterdam:
* Camping Zeeburg 
* Gaasper Camping
* Camping Vliegenbos
* Camping Amsterdamse Bos (quite far)

Staying outside Amsterdam
Both Amstelveen to the south and Utrecht to the east are about half an hour with public transport (depending where you stay in those places) and have public transport through the entire night. You can use http://9292.nl/ to check the connection between the conference location and the hotels in these places. The conference is in ‘de Brakke Grond’, which is a 15 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. (Steven/Jw).

[mapbox layers='wherecampeu.OSMBright' api='' options='' lat='52.371' lon='4.899' z='16' width='500' height='300']

Apr 12

Interactive map of Amsterdam

The folks of MapBox have kindly agreed to host the event map for free. It contains the three important locations: pre-conf drinks, conference and geobeers and routes to them from Central Station. It also has the P+R parking facilities around Amsterdam and the campsites. You can click on them for more information.


Mar 12

Nestoria Back for Amsterdam

Our longest supporters keep on coming back for more, that should tell you something: our sponsors and WhereCampEU are both awesome.

Big thankyou to Nestoria for sponsoring every year so far, and if you are looking for a place to live they can provide all your property search needs in many European countries (and further away places too).