May 12

WhereCamp Is Coming Back To Berlin

You can’t keep a good WhereCamp down it seems. Not content with hosting WhereCamp EU in 2011, Berlin is hosting it’s own WhereCamp, appropriately named WhereCamp Berlin.

Those of you who were in Berlin for last year’s WhereCamp EU will know that Berlin is an ideal city for a WhereCamp, offering the perfect combination of scenery, location nerds and some rather fine German beer.

If you’re interested in more details, head on over to the WhereCamp Berlin site, and for those of you who don’t speak that much German (and that includes myself) the event and the website is in English. WhereCamp Berlin kicks off on Friday June 22nd. 2012 at the campus of Beuth University.

So Berlin, have a great WhereCamp and if you’re visiting, don’t forget an Ampelmann souvenir to remind you of your WhereCamp-ing. As they say in Berlin, WhereCamp kommt zurück nach Berlin (WhereCamp is coming back to Berlin).

Apr 12

Nokia Coming to Amsterdam Too


Yes, another day and another friend of WhereCampEU is joining us in Amsterdam and kindly sponsoring us. A big thank you to Nokia, and if you are interested in their developer APIs be sure to talk to them over the weekend. Also, we are hearing rumours of free goodies arriving at the venue in time for the weekend…

Apr 12

Interactive map of Amsterdam

The folks of MapBox have kindly agreed to host the event map for free. It contains the three important locations: pre-conf drinks, conference and geobeers and routes to them from Central Station. It also has the P+R parking facilities around Amsterdam and the campsites. You can click on them for more information.


Mar 12

Geodan supports WhereCampEU

Geodan is happy to be one of the sponsors of Where Camp EU 2012! Geodan aspires to stay ahead in the world of technological developments around geo-information, anticipating new applications and opportunities along the way. As such, we attach great value to innovation and research. Our research team is constantly identifying and analysing new developments in the field of GIS, geo-informatics, Advanced User Interaction, mobile applications, open source and open standards. To this end, we have partnered with the VU University Amsterdam: in addition to Geodan S&R members of staff, there are research assistants permanently involved in these projects. Find out more about the latest developments of the Geodan Research Lab at http://research.geodan.nl/


Mar 12

First some basics: what is whereCampEU?

The UnconferenceWhereCamp Europe is an unconference; inspired by FooCamp and the Silicon Valley WhereCamp which traditionally follows Where 2.0. It’s open to everyone and you drive the agenda and the sessions. It’s what you make it, so come along, listen, contribute and speak. We start with a blank programme, and you post sessions and talk about whatever you want to (as long as there is a map in there somewhere). Some people put together a great presentation, others host debates and discussion – its up to you.

Who Will Be There?
WhereCamp Europe is open to everyone; from über hacker to beginner, from GIS to neogeography, from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and beyond, from mobile, from web development. If you have an interest in geography and how it’s changing the way in which we interact with the world then you should come along. Check out the list of 2012 whereCampers!

How Do I Find Out More?
For the latest news look for the #wherecampeu hashtag on Twitter and follow @wherecampeu. Or come and contribute to whereCampEU!


Mar 12

Google Join Us in Amsterdam

We have some good friends who have supported WhereCampEU from the start, and we welcome one of them back as sponsor for 2012 in Amsterdam. Thanks Google!

Google is once again happy to support Wherecamp EU, much of Google’s innovation in Geo takes place in Europe with development teams in London and Zurich building the next generations of products and services, so we recognise the huge potential of the development community in Europe.

We look forward to a great weekend in Amsterdam.

Feb 12

2012 Registration is Open

April 28-29, Amsterdam. Spread the word and register now:


Feb 12

WhereCampEU 2012 – Dates and Location

Good news WhereCampers, the wait is over. WhereCampEU 2012 will be hosted in the fine city of Amsterdam over 28-29th April, with the usual mix of unconference interaction, discussion, presentation, ideas and the odd geobeer.

More news to come soon.