Apr 12

Amsterdam welcomes whereCampers!

We are finalizing the list of sponsors for whereCampEU. A very important one: the city of Amsterdam. Why? There are a great many reasons for that. First of all, Amsterdammers love maps (and so do the Dutch, well many of them). But more importantly, Amsterdam (already dubbed Appsterdam) likes, no adores creativity. We PICNIC in Amsterdam, we TheNextWeb in Amsterdam, and next weekend we are whereCamping in Amsterdam as well!

The city gov sees Amsterdam as the right kind of town for inspiration and creativity. Add a rich tradition in maps and cartography and there you have it:  the city of Amsterdam welcomes you to whereCampEU.

- In a few days we will announced the final list of sponsors. In a week’s time YOU will be in the driver seat at whereCamp.EU

BTW Lots to do in Amsterdam: http://www.iamsterdam.com/