Apr 12

Nokia Coming to Amsterdam Too


Yes, another day and another friend of WhereCampEU is joining us in Amsterdam and kindly sponsoring us. A big thank you to Nokia, and if you are interested in their developer APIs be sure to talk to them over the weekend. Also, we are hearing rumours of free goodies arriving at the venue in time for the weekend…

Apr 12

WhereCampEU welcomes Booking.com

Another Amsterdam based company is happily supporting WhereCampEU! Welcome Booking.com.

If you like to stay in the vibrant city of Amsterdam after WhereCampEU, you might want to consider this opportunity with Booking.com:

“Due to to the growth of Booking.com’s IT department, they are now looking for Front End developers, Web Designers, Software developers, Perl developers, and many more. Would you like to work in an international, results-driven and dynamic environment? Come and join Booking.com at their Headquarters in Amsterdam!” 

Mar 12

Nestoria Back for Amsterdam

Our longest supporters keep on coming back for more, that should tell you something: our sponsors and WhereCampEU are both awesome.

Big thankyou to Nestoria for sponsoring every year so far, and if you are looking for a place to live they can provide all your property search needs in many European countries (and further away places too).

Mar 12

Geodan supports WhereCampEU

Geodan is happy to be one of the sponsors of Where Camp EU 2012! Geodan aspires to stay ahead in the world of technological developments around geo-information, anticipating new applications and opportunities along the way. As such, we attach great value to innovation and research. Our research team is constantly identifying and analysing new developments in the field of GIS, geo-informatics, Advanced User Interaction, mobile applications, open source and open standards. To this end, we have partnered with the VU University Amsterdam: in addition to Geodan S&R members of staff, there are research assistants permanently involved in these projects. Find out more about the latest developments of the Geodan Research Lab at http://research.geodan.nl/


Mar 12

Google Join Us in Amsterdam

We have some good friends who have supported WhereCampEU from the start, and we welcome one of them back as sponsor for 2012 in Amsterdam. Thanks Google!

Google is once again happy to support Wherecamp EU, much of Google’s innovation in Geo takes place in Europe with development teams in London and Zurich building the next generations of products and services, so we recognise the huge potential of the development community in Europe.

We look forward to a great weekend in Amsterdam.

Feb 12

On a quest for sponsors for whereCampEU 2012

whereCampEUOne hundred registrations in less than a week, and the first 50 in just a few hours! And not even that many geofolks from Holland on the list as of yet. That is all very encouraging!!

The local org is now on a quest for sponsors for whereCampEU 2012. What is there to gain from your contribution? Straight from our ‘letter to our sponsors’:

Why Sponsor?
WhereCampEU is now an established event, each event has been attended by over 100 participants with long waiting lists as there is always more demand than spaces. The last year has seen a huge growth in the business of location, with massive uptake of location enabled devices, convergence of GPS, phone, camera and nomadic devices. Location is truly becoming ubiquitous. This is a chance to have your brand associated with the freshest and most innovative geo conference in Europe, and to connect with the grass roots developer community.

We expect to open up registrations as soon as the first sponsors have confirmed. In the meantime, please put yourself on the waiting list, you won’t be there for long.

Interested to contribute to this event as a sponsor (and to be there?) Send us a message!

Apr 11

Skobbler Bring LBS Gaming to WhereCampEU 2011

We are trying some new things at this year’s WhereCampEU, and are super excited to welcome Skobbler who will be running the first location based game at WhereCampEU. Its top secret for now, but all you need to know is that Skobbler will be running a live location based game on the first day, and I think we might have some beer related prizes!

Mar 11

Nokia Signs Up As WhereCamp EU Sponsor

Another day, another sponsor. This time we’re happy to welcome a new face to the ever growing list of organisations who support WhereCamp EU … Nokia.

“From the Nokia N95 with its onboard GPS through to the latest generation of mobile devices with free maps and free navigation as part of Ovi Maps, Nokia is firmly committed to location and to geo in the many forms this takes. The heart of Nokia’s Location Group is based in Berlin and we’re looking forward to welcoming and supporting WhereCamp EU and everyone who will be participating to the home city of Ovi Maps for a challenging, informing and educating celebration of all that’s current in the location space.”

Gary Gale, Director, Ovi Places Registry, Nokia Berlin

Feb 11

Nestoria Back Again For Berlin

We rely upon our friends to keep us going, and we have none bigger than Nestoria who are returning to sponsor WhereCampEU 2011 in Berlin. Nestoria’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find a property, in Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, France and the UK. So if you’re thinking of staying in Berlin for longer than just the weekend, Mehr über Nestoria Deutschland.

Nov 10

AGI Geo-Beers at WhereCampEU

AGI is extremely pleased to be sponsoring this year’s WhereCampEU drinks and social evening.

Being a long-time organiser of geo-gatherings, we know that great socialising, relaxing and networking is a vital part of an event’s proceedings and the delegate’s enjoyment.

AGI is the UK membership body for all with an interest in geographic information and its associated technologies. We’ve been around for 21 years and have interests and members from all over, including public sector, third sector, academia and private industry. Although administered by a professional office, the AGI’s direction and policy is steered by members for the benefit of its members and the wider UK geocommunity.

We’re seeing a lot of great things happening in the world of geo and significant parts of this involve new and innovative individuals and companies entering the market. AGI is keen to help out and be relevant to new entrants and innovators, just as much as it has been to other parts of the UK geocommunity over the last two decades. We all  have a lot to gain from each other, often sharing common interests, opportunities and even challenges. Sometimes, particularly when dealing with government, it can be effective to speak as one rather than many.

Most recently AGI ran the free W3G ‘unconference’ event alongside our annual AGI GeoCommunity conference with help from friends that have also played a part in WhereCampEU. It is now very welcome to have this opportunity to support WhereCampEU, to thank you all for booking to attending this “the geo unconference for Europe”, and to say “cheers, have a geo-beer on the AGI!”