We used the wherecamp wiki to document what happened at each of the sessions for the original WhereCamp.EU back in march 2010. We have a full session list on there.

‘wherecampEU’ page on the WhereCamp Wiki

This wiki now seems to be in “gated community” mode, as of some time in 2011, meaning that account creation is disabled, and only those users who registered in the past (and still remember their login details) are able to edit pages. For everyone else it’s read only.

This wiki along with several other workspaces on were hit by web spammers (links to vi@gra etc) This is pretty normal for openly editable wiki sites these days. There’s several technical solutions which are simple and quite effective at reducing wiki spam to manageable levels, but socialtext was not able to extend their software to do these things, and were not participating in cleanup, so seemed to have no feel for the problem. They did go through several iterations crude fiddling with the wiki permissions, and this may not be the end of that. For now new visitors cannot edit.